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On this page you’ll see my most recent answers to questions posed on AVVO. As an active & contributing member of the legal community, I find joy in answering legal questions as much as possible.

Q: My drug-addicted brother appointed himself Executor of my father’s estate and Stole All bank accounts and Anything of Value!: There are Insurance Policies that were never cashed in 9 years! Help! There are 12 Grandchildren We would like to receive portions of Policies! We don’t.even know what he had! Can you help?

A: Robert’s answer: You need to gather all the facts, documents and other evidence that you have and take it to a probate lawyer for review. Your brother could not have appointed himself executor. Only your father could have done that. Sounds like fraud was committed but a lawyer will need to help you sort it out.

Q:How can I find two disinterested persons to witness my will?: I am retired, no co-workers to ask. Everyone I know is related to my husband, who I am divorcing, which is why I need to re-write my will.

A: Robert’s answer: If you are using an attorney to draft your will (which is recommended) the attorney and the attorney’s assistant can serve as witnesses.

Q: How do I get a letter of authority? : My dad died in California in 1994 and nothing went through probate because there was no estate. I just discovered that he had approximately $500 worth of stock that the state of Ohio is holding. They say that I need a letter of authority to claim it. I have no idea how to get one. Can you help me? Thank you.

A: Robert’s answer: I would try a small estate affidavit. You can get the form online, but it would probably work better with an attorney.

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