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Hosting an Estate Planning Seminar in the Coachella Valley

Robert L FirthHow would you like an attorney to pay you for a change?

I find that the best way to spread the news about living trusts is by giving seminars where I can explain in a relaxed atmosphere how living probate and death probate work and how important it is to avoid them.  I’m always looking for an audience. Accordingly, if you can get ten or more people together who are over the age of fifty and are willing to commit seventy-five minutes to learn about living trusts and how they can save their families thousands of dollars In legal fees, hassles and time delays, then I will give you $500.00 for your efforts in putting the group together.  I’ll even pay for the room, the seminar materials and the refreshments.  Whether it’s a church group, homeowners association, or members of your social or business clubs, everyone will find my talk to be informative, entertaining and enlightening. If you would like to earn your Five Hundred Dollars contact my office today at (760) 770-4066 and we will get you started.

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