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Experienced Palm Springs Asset Protection Lawyer

Increasingly, the legal process is being used to deprive others of their life’s work. Many frivolous lawsuits are filed within the United States every year and settled for sums higher than the actual liability just to avoid the high cost of litigation. Business owners, property owners and managers, and professionals such as accountants, dentists, attorneys, and physicians should be aware of the dangers of being targeted with such lawsuits.

Until there is a substantial overhaul of our legal system, the likelihood that someone will go after your hard-earned assets isn’t going to decline. In reality, lawsuits have increased over the last few decades. Your wealth is in danger from a variety of vulnerabilities, including:

  • Professional malpractice liability

  • Personal liability of directors and corporate officers

  • Lawsuits by former business partners

  • Injuries suffered on your premises

  • Injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident

  • Obligation for another’s debts as guarantor

  • Liability due to alleged sexual harassment, wage and hour violations or other employer misconduct

Insurance alone doesn’t always sufficiently protect against these threats. We help our clients protect their wealth utilizing a variety of tactics that have been proven reliable. An iron-clad asset protection plan isn’t about giving in to fear. It’s about empowering yourself to face it head on with the confidence that your downside risk is protected.

At The Law Offices of Robert L. Firth, we use estate planning techniques and little-known provisions of the California Code of Civil Procedure to support and protect our clients. As your asset protection lawyers, we can also offer superior guidance to clients on how to protect your resources from third parties, while also preparing for these resources to move seamlessly to your heirs. We represent business owners, property owners, professionals, and other clients with the purpose of protecting their assets against possible liens, litigation, fraud, and judgments.

Asset Protection Strategies

There are numerous methods of wealth preservation methods to maintain your assets and protect the legacy that you’ve built. Some of our strategies include:

  • Family limited partnerships and LLCs to protect you from lawsuits by preserving property, valuable machinery, or equipment by insulating them from lawsuits or creditors. Attorney Robert L. Firth can incorporate doctors, lawyers, and other professionals in Palm Springs and through the entire state of California.

  • Business succession planning to organize and prepare for the next generation of business ownership.

  • IRA stretch accounts and trusts to reduce tax implications.

  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts to reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

  • Charitable trusts to support causes and organizations that are important to you.

  • Asset Protection Trusts to maximize and protect your retirement.

  • Probate avoidance.

Is This Service For You?

Asset protection can be expensive and plans can cost up to $25,000. Asset Protection can also use some sophisticated planning strategies. We can navigate the legal process to make sure that all of the necessary legal details are handled competently and within the appropriate time frames. Asset protection is not cheap, but losing your life’s work and your children’s future is even more expensive. Most of our clients have over $1 Million in property and assets to protect in this manner, and often see legal bills in excess of $15,000 to cover the numerous costs involved. If you believe this is too expensive, then this type of service is not for you.

The Palm Springs asset protection attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert L. Firth have years of estate planning experience. We possess a sophisticated understanding of California law, business planning, and wealth preservation techniques that will set up a solid legal foundation. The exact tactics utilized by us can vary depending on the tax laws and regulations that apply to your assets, the type of assets, the country of origin, as well as you the client. Contact us today to discuss the specific aspects of your circumstances.