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Do You Need Estate Planning, Tax Relief or Bankruptcy Help?


At the Law Offices of Robert L. Firth, we provide estate planning and bankruptcy services to people in the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire regions. If you have excessive debts, past due taxes or want to explore your options for protecting and/or passing along your assets, then we can help you develop an effective plan to accomplish your goals.


Estate Planning 
Although putting together a will or living trust can be daunting, many people feel a sense of relief and calm once we have a strategy for what will happen to their property and assets when they are gone or incapacitated. We can ensure that you can give what you have, to whom you want, when you want and the way you want.

Securing your plan means that there is less likelihood for probate court and unnecessary fees and taxation. Probate court is not only expensive, but time-consuming and sometimes adversarial. A major purpose for an estate plan is wealth preservation, asset transfer and succession planning while avoiding the hassles of probate court.

Living Trusts
Generally speaking, in California a living trust is an excellent way to protect your assets and properties after you are gone or incapacitated. There are a number of benefits to establishing a living trust. For instance, you decide who the trustee will be, (i.e. the person responsible for distributing assets after your death or upon your incapacitation).

You decide who will receive your belongings, when they will receive your belongings and how they will receive your belongings. Living trusts provide enormous amounts of flexibility and protection, especially when used in conjunction with other estate planning tools.

In addition, a living trust can help your family members avoid the headaches associated with probate court. The probate process is expensive and time-consuming, and may not distribute your belongings in accordance with your wishes. It is also a public record which lets anybody know about you, your property, and your family. Why take a chance? Call us today to discuss setting up a living trust.

If a loved one passed away without a will or trust (intestacy), you’ll need the assistance of an experienced probate attorney to help guide you through the legal process of administering the decedent’s estate. Probate administration is a complicated and time-consuming process, and it is especially difficult to deal with after the death of a loved one.

Another probate service we offer is helping to repair  wills and trusts that were botched by online legal service providers or inexperienced lawyers or paralegals. Estate Planning does not lend itself to the inexperienced or do-it-yourselfer, because once you become incapacitated or pass away you cannot easily fix the problems that were created by a bad plan. Leave it to the experts and enjoy peace of mind.

Are creditors calling you at home several times a week or day? Are you experiencing wage garnishments due to defaulted debts? If your finances and assets are at risk of being seized by creditors and you are drowning in debt, then bankruptcy is an option you should strongly consider.

An automatic stay that prevents creditor collection actions goes into effect immediately upon filing for bankruptcy. You may be able to discharge all the debts that are causing you problems while protecting your most valuable assets.

Bankruptcy allows you to create a fresh start for yourself and your family unencumbered by the debt of the past. Whether you have a home to protect, a car to save or a retirement to protect, we’ll find a solution that works for you. We can also assist you with repairing your credit.

Tax Discharge Resolution
There are a couple of ways you may be able to discharge past due tax debts. You may be able to negotiate with the IRS directly to resolve your tax debts, but this is not a guaranteed solution. The IRS has a brutal reputation for a reason.

With bankruptcy, and only under the right circumstances, you can discharge past-due income tax debts that are causing you problems. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you would pay back a portion of the tax debts with your income, in some cases pennies on the dollar, through a three or five-year repayment plan. We can help you determine if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could discharge your past-due income tax debts. If we can’t discharge the tax liabilities in bankruptcy, we may be able to work out an offer in compromise, tax payment plan or  first time abatement of tax penalties.  Call us today to determine if this is an option for your situation. Hablamos Español.

Asset Protection
Our advanced asset protection plans generally apply to our clients with over $1 million in assets. We implement strategies of wealth preservation to protect and maintain your assets and the legacy that you’ve built from frivolous lawsuits, professional malpractice liability, injuries occurring on your premises and other legal situations. If you have assets you want to protect, then we encourage you to call us to discuss your possible options.


If you need help with bankruptcy, tax discharge resolution, estate planning, probate court or setting up a living trust to avoid probate altogether and minimize your taxes, then we encourage you to call us to learn more about how we can help.

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